NetCmdlets extend the features of Microsoft Windows PowerShell with a broad range of network management and messaging capabilities. The current release contains dozens of Cmdlets providing access to network and host protocols such as SNMP, LDAP, DNS, Syslog, HTTP, WebDav, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Rexec/RShell, Telnet, and more.

Cmdlets Currently Available

Certificate Create & manage X.509 digital certificates

  • export-certificate Export-Certificate[-CertStore][-CertStoreTy ...
  • get-certificate Get-Certificate[-CertStore][-CertStoreTy ...
  • import-certificate Import-Certificate[-CertStore][-CertStoreTy ...
  • new-certificate New-Certificate[-CertStore][-CertStoreTy ...
  • remove-certificate Remove-Certificate[-CertStore][-Subject] …
Data Encoding and decoding utilities including Base64, SHA1, MD5, BinHex, and more.

  • convert-data Convert-Data[-Data][-Config
DNS Retrieve DNS records (A, MX, PTR, TXT, NS, etc.)

  • get-dns Get-DNS[-Domain][[-QueryType]
Email Send HTML emails with file attachments, supports SSL.

  • connect-email Connect-Email[-Server][[-Credential] …
  • disconnect-email Disconnect-Email[-Connection]
  • send-email Send-Email[-Server][[-Credential]
FTP FTP file transfer capabilities with advanced proxy and firewall support.

  • connect-ftp Connect-FTP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • disconnect-ftp Disconnect-FTP[-Connection][-V ...
  • get-ftp Get-FTP[-Server][[-RemoteFile]
  • remove-ftp Remove-FTP[-Server][-RemoteFile]
  • rename-ftp Rename-FTP[-Server][-RemoteFile]
  • send-ftp Send-FTP[-Server][[-LocalFile]
HTTP Web client Cmdlet with advanced proxy and firewall capabilities.

  • get-http Get-HTTP[-URL][[-Credential]
IM Send Jabber(XMPP) Instant messages.

  • connect-im Connect-IM[-Server][[-Credential]
  • disconnect-im Disconnect-IM[-Connection][-Ver ...
  • send-im Send-IM[-Server][[-Credential]
IMAP Retrieve and manage messages, mailboxes and users in an IMAP server.

  • connect-imap Connect-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]< …
  • copy-imap Copy-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]
  • disconnect-imap Disconnect-IMAP[-Connection][ ...
  • get-imap Get-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]
  • move-imap Move-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]
  • remove-imap Remove-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • rename-imap Rename-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • search-imap Search-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • set-imap Set-IMAP[-Server][[-Credential]
LDAP Access Active Directory or OpenLDAP servers through LDAP directory access.

  • add-ldap Add-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]
  • connect-ldap Connect-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]< …
  • disconnect-ldap Disconnect-LDAP[-Connection][ ...
  • get-ldap Get-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]
  • remove-ldap Remove-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • rename-ldap Rename-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • set-ldap Set-LDAP[-Server][[-Credential]
MX Retrieve MX information and determine mail servers responsible for accepting mail for a specified address.

  • get-mx Get-MX[-EmailAddress][-Config
NNTP Command-line newsgroup browsing. Monitor newsgroup postings and post messages to newsgroup servers directly from PowerShell.

  • connect-nntp Connect-NNTP[-Server][[-Credential]< …
  • disconnect-nntp Disconnect-NNTP[-Connection][ ...
  • get-nntp Get-NNTP[-Server][[-Newsgroup]
  • send-nntp Send-NNTP[-Server][[-Newsgroup]
Packet Monitor network interface traffic.

  • get-packet Get-Packet[[-Time]][-Config
Page Send SMS(SMPP) instant messages

  • send-page Send-Page[-Server][-PagerNumber]
Ping Network ping capability to monitor device availability.

  • send-ping Send-Ping[-Server][-Config
POP Retrieve and manage messages in a POP server.

  • connect-pop Connect-POP[-Server][[-Credential]

  • disconnect-pop Disconnect-POP[-Connection][-V ...
  • get-pop Get-POP[-Server][[-View]][-C ...
  • remove-pop Remove-POP[-Server][[-MessageNumber] …
RAS Cmdlets for RAS connectivity.

  • get-ras Get-RAS[-Config
  • set-ras Set-RAS[-Config][-Create][-Delete] …
Rexec Remote execution via Rexec.

  • invoke-rexec Invoke-Rexec[-Server][[-Credential]< …
Rshell Remote execution via Rshell.

  • invoke-rshell Invoke-Rshell[-Server][-Command]
RSS RSS client Cmdlet enables retrieval of RSS Syndicated content.

  • get-rss Get-RSS[-Feed][[-Credential]
S3 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) storage and retrieval.

  • add-s3 Add-S3[-AccessKey][-AccessPolicy
  • get-s3 Get-S3[-AccessKey][-Bucket] …
  • remove-s3 Remove-S3[-AccessKey]-Bucket
SFTP Command-line SFTP file transfer capabilities with SSH-secure encryption.

  • connect-sftp Connect-SFTP[-Server][[-Credential]< …
  • disconnect-sftp Disconnect-SFTP[-Connection][ ...
  • get-sftp Get-SFTP[-Server][[-RemoteFile]
  • remove-sftp Remove-SFTP[-Server][-RemoteFile]
  • rename-sftp Rename-SFTP[-Server][-RemoteFile]
  • send-sftp Send-SFTP[-Server][[-LocalFile]
SMS Connect and send messages to any Internet SMS gateway.

  • connect-sms Connect-SMS[-Server][[-Credential]

  • disconnect-sms Disconnect-SMS[-Connection][-V ...
  • send-sms Send-SMS[-Server][[-Credential]
SNMP Command-line SNMP Management capabilities. Manage network devices directly from PowerShell.

  • get-snmp Get-SNMP[-Agent][-OID][-A ...
  • set-snmp Set-SNMP[-Agent][-OID][[- ...
SSH Secure Shell enabled remote access Cmdlet.

  • connect-ssh Connect-SSH[-Server][[-Credential]

  • disconnect-ssh Disconnect-SSH[-Connection][-V ...
  • invoke-ssh Invoke-SSH[-Server][[-Credential]
Syslog Syslog server and client for LAN event monitoring and reporting.

  • get-syslog Get-Syslog[-Config][-LocalIP
  • send-syslog Send-Syslog[-Server][-Config
TCP Straightforward TCP client Cmdlet.

  • connect-tcp Connect-TCP[-Server][-Config
  • disconnect-tcp Disconnect-TCP[-Connection][-V ...
  • send-tcp Send-TCP[-Server][-Config] …
Telnet Supports communication with remote servers through a command-line Telnet interface.

  • connect-telnet Connect-Telnet[-Server][[-Credential] …
  • disconnect-telnet Disconnect-Telnet[-Connection]
  • invoke-telnet Invoke-Telnet[-Server][[-Credential] …
TFTP TFTP file transfer Cmdlet.

  • get-tftp Get-TFTP[-Server][-Config] …
  • send-tftp Send-TFTP[-Server][-Config
Time Access network time servers and synchronize machine clocks.

  • get-time Get-Time[[-Server]][-Config
Trace Traceroute Cmdlet for determining the path of network packets between hosts.

  • get-trace Get-Trace[-Server][-Config
Trap Monitor and send SNMP Traps.

  • get-trap Get-Trap[-AuthenticationProtocol][- ...
  • send-trap Send-Trap[-Manager][-Agent] …
UDP Send and receive UDP datagrams. Send Wake On LAN requests.

  • get-udp Get-UDP[-LocalPort][-Config
  • send-udp Send-UDP[-Server][[-Port]][[ ...
VPN Manage Windows VPN entries and programmatically create and destroy VPN connections.

  • add-vpn Add-VPN[-Server][-Config] …
  • connect-vpn Connect-VPN[-Name][-Config
  • disconnect-vpn Disconnect-VPN[-Name][-Config
  • remove-vpn Remove-VPN[-Name][-Config] …
WebDAV WebDav client Cmdlet.

  • copy-webdav Copy-WebDAV[-URI][-NewURI][ ...
  • get-webdav Get-WebDAV[-URI][[-Credential]
  • lock-webdav Lock-WebDAV[-URI][[-Credential]
  • move-webdav Move-WebDAV[-URI][-NewURI][ ...
  • remove-webdav Remove-WebDAV[-URI][[-Credential]
  • send-webdav Send-WebDAV[-URI][[-Credential]
  • set-webdav Set-WebDAV[-URI][[-Credential]
  • unlock-webdav Unlock-WebDAV[-URI][-LockTokens]
Whois Domain name Whois lookup.

  • get-whois Get-Whois[-Domain][-Config
Zip Compressions and decompression Cmdlet supporting Zip, Tar, GZip, and Jar.

  • compress-zip Compress-Zip[-Input][[-Output]
  • expand-zip Expand-Zip[-Input][-Config
PowerShell Server Messaging, management, and secure file transfer with remote instances of PowerShell Server

  • invoke-powershellserver Invoke-PowerShellServer[-Input][[-Output]
  • get-powershellserverfile Get-PowerShellServerFile[-Input][[-Output]
  • send-powershellserverfile Send-PowerShellServerFile[-Input][[-Output]