NetCmdlets is a comprehensive framework of PowerShell cmdlets for monitoring and managing network devices through standard Internet protocols. With NetCmdlets and Windows PowerShell, admins can easily script common network management tasks including router configuration, switch port monitoring, directory access, VLAN administration, remote execution, and more!

Control Routers, Switches, and Other Devices via SNMP

The easy-to-use get-snmp and set-snmp Cmdlets make working with SNMP capable devices straightforward and intuitive. Administrators can easily automate and script processes for monitoring bandwidth, throughput, up-time, or any number of other network management capabilities.

NetCmdlets gives administrators a powerful set of tools for scripting and automating common network management tasks. For example, finding the all of the manageable SNMP agents on a network is as simple as importing the NetCmdlets library and calling get-snmp with a broadcast address:

            param( [string] $ipaddress = "" ) 

            if(!(Get-Module | Where {$_.Name -eq "NetCmdlets"})) {
               Import-Module "NetCmdlets"

            get-snmp -agent $ipaddress -oid sysName.0

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NetCmdlets gives you an easy way to manage remote *NIX machines and devices directly from Windows PowerShell
scripts. For more information, help, and example scripts, please download NetCmdlets – pricing starts at free!